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The Cylinder-Type Series is for use in laboratories to simulate the results of our full-scale filter equipment. Each unit is constructed of 316 stainless steel with a protected Pyrex glass or stainless steel cylinder and can be jacketed for heating or cooling. Compressed air or inert gas can be used to flow liquid through the filter media.      

The Plate and Frame AccuScale™ Series for industrial applications provides customers with the optimum solution for plate and frame scalability. Filters are available in 1-inch, 4-inch and 8-inch square configurations. These fully welded construction filters are built to withstand repeated use for many years.    
  • Cylinder-Type Series
  • The AccuScale™ Series
  • The Diamond Series™
ALLFIL offers the widest variety of pilot-scale filters for depth filtration. Our pilot-scale filters provide an optimal means of determining filtration requirements and sizing information at the bench scale. EFS is more than happy to work with you to modify our existing designs to meet specific requirements.
ALLFIL offers two styles of our laboratory filters: