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The filters offered by ALLFIL are made with high quality filter media, polypropylene, and stainless steel. This makes them compatible with most products and applications within the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, electric utility and food & beverage industries.




Key Features of Paks®
  • High efficiency filter media-0.25 to 15 microns nominal plus Zeta-Potential enhanced removal
  • Materials of construction-filter media, polypropylene or stainless steel with choice of gasket material
  • Media Formulations-100% cellulose, cellulose with filter aid and wet strength resin, cellulose with filter aid and activated carbon with wet strength resin
  • Low extractables
  • Enclosed filtration system-housing available in sanitary, industrial or ASME code design
  • Steam sterilizable-unique design and media formulation allow for steam sterilization. (Recommended steaming procedure)
  • Scalable--Lab--Pilot--Production-using depth media, your filtration system can be scaled from lab all the way to production.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Media
  • Our Pharma-Pak® housing is available for critical applications where maintaining the integrity of the process is of the utmost importance
  • Compatible Components
  • Highly Efficient Particle Tetention

The Zeta-Pak®, depth filter cartridge for pharmaceutical processing provides relatively high flow rate, positive electrical charge and superior retention of ultrafine particles. From the downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals, human plasma fractionation and the bulk filtration of culture media to LVPs, SVPs, topicals and intermediates filtration, our Zeta-Pak® will provide the result your application requires.

The ZetaDri-Pak® offers all the benefits of depth filtration plus the ability to capture free and emulsified water from your product. This invention allows for easy changeout, low labor costs and optimized filtration area and cake space. Our 16 cell ZetaDri-Pak® holds a minimum of 148 ounces of water and allows the operator to simply monitor differential pressure to determine when the Paks® need to be changed. The ZetaDri-Pak® is available in all grades media and can be utilized in various applications where water is a problem. From flavorings to oils, the ZetaDri-Pak® will provide the retention level your application requires.

The Disc-Pak® cartridge is specially formulated for the precise filtration of liquids in the light to medium viscosity range. From applications such as lubricating oils, dielectric oils and coolants to syrups, beverages and perfumes, the Disc-Pak® may be used where particulate retention is the purpose of filtration. Disc-Pak® cartridges are available in several grades to allow retention down to 1 micron.
The new Bio-Pak® is double-O-Ring lenticular depth filter cartridge. This filter element is for use in critical applications, providing the utmost assurance that no bypass will occur at cartridge sealing surfaces. It is the first US manufactured lenticular filter cartridge of its kind.

The AquaKv-Pak® was specifically designed and developed for the retention of water contamination in transformer and turbine lube oils along with the retention of particulate down to the sub-micronic level. This Pak® concept was created to incorporate the particulate retention capabilities of the Disc-Pak® along with the enhanced capacity for the retention of free and dissolved water. The AquaKv-Pak® demonstrates mechanical shutoff when fully saturated with water. Particle retention does not effect water-holding capacity, which has been documented at up to 120 ounces per full 9-cell Pak®. The AquaKv-Pak® and an enclosed Pak® system can recondition dielectric fluids to meet or exceed ASTM and manufacturers standards.
The Sak-Pak® is a Fullers Earth or Activated Carbon containing filter element developed as a clean, cost-effective, simple alternative to the traditional means of cake filtration. The Sak-Pak®, when used in a Pak® housing, provides a portable enclosed environment.