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ALLFIL offer cellulose based depth filter pads, or sheets for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, electric utility and food and beverage markets. Formulations for these filter pads have evolved over time to suit the changing demands of our customers and the increasing need for low cost, highly efficient filter media. By using a unique blend of cellulose pulp and various filter aids, ALLFIL is positioned to offer the widest variety of filter media grades available.

Materials of Construction:
  • Cellulose wood pulp
  • Perlite
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Activated Carbon
  • Wet Strength Resin.
Sizes Available
Over 300 precision dies are available to fit virtually any filter press.
High Solids Loading
Filter pads provide high solids loading due to the large internal surface area and void volumes present within the matrix of fibers and filter aid which comprise the filter pad. This extends filter life and provides greater throughput.
Depth Particle Retention
From 15 microns nominal down to 0.25 microns nominal with the ability to retain smaller than 0.25 micron particles.
High Efficiency and Zeta-Potential
Zeta-Potential allows for the retention of negatively charged particles smaller than the rated pore size of the filter media over a wide pH range.
The matrix of fibers and filter aids can be manipulated so as to improve the retention qualities of the filter sheet, thereby prolonging membrane life when media selection is optimized. This, in combination with the positive charge inherent in Micro-Media®, provides excellent particle retention efficiency.
Wide Compatibility
The basic components of filter pads, cellulose and/or filter aid, are natural products which have a wide range of compatibility. Therefore, the need for various product formulations is minimized, and limited to only those which provide specialized separation qualities. Additionally, ALLFIL offer only formaldehyde free wet strength resins.

Filter Press Compatibility
With over 300 precision dies to choose from, our filter sheets can be cut to fit virtually any filter press.

Filter media are manufactured in our state of the art, automated manufacturing facility. We also have full lot traceability, and every lot manufactured is subjected to our strict quality control requirements. With all of the process controls in place in our manufacturing stream, provides consistent product from batch to batch.

Alpha-Media™ Filter Pads
Alpha-Media™ L Series Filter Pads
Micro-Media® Filter Pads
Micro-Media® L Series Filter Media
Micro-Media® XL Series Filter Pads
Micro-Media® LXL Series Filter Media
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