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As an industry provider of liquid filter media, ALLFIL combines the knowledge, experience and innovation necessary to supply the cosmetic, electric utility, food and beverage and pharmaceutical markets with a vast selection of filter cloth, depth filter sheets, pads and lenticular stacked disc cartridges. Available in all cellulose or treated with filter aids such as activated carbon and diatomaceous earth, our line of precision-machined media, in over 19 different grades, is used in filtration/separation applications from small batch runs through large scale production.
Filter Pads
ALLFIL pads are available in various formulations including charge modified cellulose and filter aid, pure cellulose, and charge modified cellulose with carbon and filter aid. Depth filtration provides high solids loading capacity and excellent protection of final filtration devices when applicable.

Lenticular Filter Cartridges (PakĀ®)
The lenticular cartridge, provides all of the benefits and efficiencies of depth filter pads with the added advantages of a smaller footprint and an enclosed housing.

Filter Paper
ALLFIL provides a wide selection of filter paper for use in many applications in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

Filter Cloth
ALLFIL can provide a wide variety of filter cloth for your application. Please contact us directly for assistance in determining what is best for your specific requirements.