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Product Summary
ALLFIL offers the widest variety of high quality specialty filter paper available. From laboratory to full-scale production, we can supply the best product for your liquid filtration application. EFS can now offer Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Paper, specifically for use in critical applications.

For many years filter paper has been widely accepted as one of the most versatile filter media available. Due to a basic formulation of cellulose fibers with or without wet strength resins, it is highly compatible, and can be used for a wide range of applications. Filter paper provides a more economical solution for those applications requiring low solids retention or cake building.

Micro-Media® P-Grade Filter Paper is composed of cellulose pulp with all virgin raw materials and RO water, with or without wet strength resin. Each batch is lot numbered allowing for lot to lot traceability and batch to batch consistency.

When compared to standard grades of paper, Micro-Media® Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Paper provides superior quality, lower extractable levels and greater consistency.

Filter Paper is used in the food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries for clarifying or as a septum to hold cakes of diatomaceous earth, activated carbon, perlite, powdered cellulose, or other filter aids in plate and frame filter presses, horizontal plate filters, and Nutsch filters. In blood fractionation, filter paper is used to collect paste in plate and frame filter presses. Filter paper is also used for the filtration of cosmetics, flavors, fragrances, and personal care products with low levels of particulate.

Specifications & Features
•             Smooth or creped surface
•             Bleached or unbleached
•             Wet strength resin or 100% cellulose
•             All raw materials are listed as safe for contact with foods and/or pharmaceuticals
•             Available to fit virtually any filter
•             Retention ranges from 1 micron to 100 microns

Available Products

2000 Series: Unbleached, smooth, cellulose, wet strength resin
3000 Series: Unbleached, smooth, 100% cellulose
4000 Series: Unbleached, creped surface, cellulose, wet strength resin
5000 Series: Unbleached, creped surface, 100% cellulose
6000 Series: Bleached, smooth, cellulose, wet strength resin
7000 Series: Bleached, smooth, 100% cellulose
8000 Series: Bleached, creped surface, cellulose, wet strength resin
9000 Series: Bleached, creped surface, 100% cellulose