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ALLFIL, , has many years of industry experience.
ALLFIL is a manufacturing industrial liquid filtration products of superior design and quality in Europe.

We provide a complete line of standard bag products, and can design a specific products to meet every customer needs.Our consultative selling
approach focuses on customer solutions to filtration problems. We commit the time and resources to tailor our products to our client’s unique requirements.
Our field sales professionals and distributors will work with you to provide you the best products and service with install our products in your plant too.

Based on comprehensive process knowledge, we have been devoted ourselves to developing, designing and researching professional filter products such as filter bag, filter housings, filter cartridge, liquid separators, magnetic separators, sorbents and other filter media with high technology and strict quality control.

Additionally we can supply a complete line of liquid depth
filtration products, including:
  • laboratory filters
  • plate and frame filter presses
  • filter pads/sheets , filter paper
  • Pak® Lenticular filter cartridges
  • Micro-Cap® Laboratory Filters and Filter housings

We provide the highest quality liquid/solid filtration solutions for a wide
Varity of industrial applications, including Pharmaceutical Manufacture,
Cosmetics, Food additives, Petrochemical, Biopharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Wine and Spirits and alternative fuels.